Veja os 13 Melhores Textos em Inglês Para Iniciantes e Intermediários!


Quando se está no início do aprendizado da língua inglesa, a leitura é muito importante, buscando textos em inglês para iniciantes, principalmente os mais curtos e simples. Esses artigos e publicações são encontrados com muita facilidade na internet.

O avanço deve ir de pouco a pouco, começando com os textos em inglês para iniciantes, partindo à interpretação e chegando ao nível mais intermediário.

Diante disso, hoje, nesse texto, estaremos apresentando alguns textos em inglês para iniciantes e intermediários, além de algumas interpretações e traduções.

Pequenos textos em inglês para iniciantes

Abaixo estaremos listando cinco textos em inglês para iniciantes de fáceis leitura e tradução.

caneta e papel escritos

1. I’m hungry

Nancy is hungry.

She goes to the refrigerator for snacking some tasty treats before lunch.

Sara is Nancy’s mother.

She is preparing a delicious pasta for lunch with a refreshing orange juice.

Seeing Nancy eating a slice of cake, Sara says, ‘If you eat cake now, you will not be hungry for lunch’.

Upset, Nancy says she got up very early and is already starving, ‘Mom, I’m hungry’.

2. Happy Birthday Ben

Ben woke up early this morning.

It’s his tenth birthday today.

He got out of bed.

He smiled broadly.

He did his morning exercises.

He took a warm shower.

After the shower he brushed his teeth.

He combed his fair hair.

Ben put on his white shirt and dark blue trousers.

Ben went down the stairs and saw his Mom and Dad.

They are in the kitchen.

Mom made a birthday cake for Ben.

Dad lays the table.

Mom and Dad give him a present and kisshim.

Ben is happy!

3. The Shepherd and the Montain

Mount Everest has ice on the top and trees on the side.

Coming down on the mountain is a bicycle ridden by a german shepherd.

He has a glass of water on one hand and a shoe in the other.

At the bottom of the moutain, he crashes into a tv set.

he bounces off the tv set and he lands on a trampolim.

he bounces off the trampolim and he lands on a pillow.

he bounces off the pillow and he lands on a jet.

he takes the jet and flies it to Dallas.

waiting to pick him up in the airport is donald trump.

he has on a black hat, brow vest and white boots.

Donald trump hands him a check for U$50.000 and the keys to a brand new porsh.

the german shepherd gets in the porsh and drives back to montain everest.

4. My room

Hello! Welcome to my home!

This is my room.

It is large and clean.

There is a bed, a desk, two chairs and a wardrobe in my room.

It is a typical teenager’s room.

But I have a secret box under my bed.

This is a metal box with a lock on it.

The box is red with three white stripes on both sides.

I use this box to keep my sticker collection in.

I open the lock with a key.

Let’s have a look at my collection!

There are about six hundred stickers in my box.

I am a big fan of soccer.

I collect stickers of soccer players.

I have stickers with all the famous players in history.

There are also some stickers showing soccer stadiums of the world.

I have collected stickers for a long time.

And my collection grows every day

5. Economic crisis

The economic crisis continues.

Experts advise keeping money in gold.

The best way for saving money is to invest it.

Gold has a permanent value.

It is not dependent on the exchange rate.

So many people invest their money into gold.

These investments have a stable interest rate.

And bank clients can be sure that their money will grow.

Interpretação de textos em inglês para iniciantes

um caderno e uma caneta

Um exercício bem interessante de interpretação de textos em inglês para iniciantes pode ser encontrado no site Englishexperts. Vamos a ele:

1. Leiam o texto a seguir.

Mary is a nice woman. She is a nurse and works in a big hospital. She works at night on weekends. Mary has two young children and they are very intelligent. Their names are “Jack” and “Julie”.

Jack is nine years old and Julie is eleven years old. Jack likes soccer and Julie loves movies. Jack wants to be a soccer player and Julie wants to be a movie star.

Mary likes to be with her children when she isn’t working – they play board games together. Mary’s family is very happy, especially when Jake, Mary’s husband, is at home with them. Jake usually travels a lot and visits different places – he is a truck driver.

21 Answer the questions

A. What does Mary do?R:

B. Where does she work?R:

C. Is Mary married or single?R:

D. How many children does she have?R:

3. Traduzam as sentenças a seguir para o português.

A. Mary likes to be with her children when she isn’t working.R:

B. They play board games together.R:

C. He is a truck driver.R:

D. Jack wants to be a soccer player and Julie wants to be a movie star.R:

Histórias em inglês para iniciantes

Alguns sites apresentam histórias simples ou infantis em inglês para aqueles que são iniciante na língua. Alguns que podemos citar aqui:

  • Carlosromero
  • Really-learn-english
  • Englishlearning
  • Learnenglishteens

Textos em inglês para intermediários

mão escrevendo Textos em Inglês para Iniciantes

Abaixo estaremos listando três textos simples em inglês para intermediários, podendo ser utilizados para tentar tradução.

1. A good dish

Veronica wants to cook some chicken for dinner tonight, but she doesn’t have all the ingredients for the recipe. She decides to go to the supermarket. She writes down a list of the things she needs and she leaves for some shopping. When she gets there, she gets a little nervous. There are a lot of people and the checkout lines are very long.

She hopes she will not be stayinghere for too long. She starts her shopping in the vegetables and fruits aisle and then she goes to meat aisle. When she sees the price of the chicken, she decides to change her mind. It is way too pricy. She is a little confused now because she doesn’t know what to cook anymore.

She continues her shopping, still thinking about tonight’s dinner. When she gets in front of the pasta aisle, it gives her a good idea. She is going to cook some macaroni, her husband Max’s favourite dish. She gets everything she needs and then she leaves.

2. How to make a salad

1. Firstly, get a bowl, and a head of lettuce. Make sure you wash the lettuce well. Break the leaves off, and rub the lettuce under cold water. Then dry.

2. After that, add some veggies that you like! Wash and chop up a few to throw in with the salad. Try to mix interesting flavors, such as tomatoes, celery, and herbs (fresh is best).

3. Go even further with some meat. If you want a salad with some extra protein, add some chopped pieces of turkey lunch meat or other meats.

4. Want to keep the salad vegetarian? Add some tofu or seitan chunks, and walnuts are good for any salad, meat-free or not.

5. Then mix all of your ingredients into the bowl and stir together. Add your favorite dressing.

6. Finally, serve. It’s the easy, healthy, and tasty snack full of crunchy and chewy ingredients.

3. The baby goose

It was Wednesday night. Taylor was coming back from work, tired and exhausted. He had a long day and he was looking forward to relax. It was impossible for him to expect what was about to happen though. When he got home, there it was, on the balcony: a baby goose.

Confused, he called his wife. “What’s up with the goose?” He asked. Why was there a baby goose on his balcony? That made no sense. His wife explained that she found the baby goose in the street, really hurt. Since she is a veterinarian, she knew she had to do something. She knew she had to do what’s good for the goose.

She took him home to take care of him until he gets better. She promises Taylor that it would always stay on the balcony, he will never get inside the house. Although Taylor is unsure about the idea, he agrees with his girlfriend; they have to do what’s good for the goose. Otherwise, the poor animal would die. Taylor finally accepted.

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